10th Prague Writers' Festival
Dedicated to Jaroslav Seifert

“But the most beautiful of all gods is Love”

Studio Ypsilon

9 – 15 April 2000

Sunday, 9 April - “Tribute to Jaroslav Seifert”
17.00 Conversation: “The Genetics of Culture”
Lord Mayor Jan Kasl & Alan Rusbridger editor of „The Guardian“

Viola Theatre, Národní 7, Praha 1
19.30 Jaroslav Seifert Evening
Viola Theatre
Monday, 10 April - “Guardian Day”
12.00 Press Conference: Susan Sontag
The Globe Bookstore
13.00 Signing: Susan Sontag ”In America”
The Globe Bookstore
15.00 Guardian Forum: ”In Search of Liberal Europe”
Hugo Young, Jonathan Freedland, Polly Toynbee,
John Vidal, Gary Younge
19.30 International Evening: William Styron (USA)

Tuesday, 11 April - „New York, New York“
12.00 Press Conference: William Styron
The Globe Bookstore
13.00 Signing: William Styron
The Globe Bookstore
15.00 Conversation: “Dog Wars: Liverwurst or the Banality of Evil”
William Styron, Susan Sontag, Robert Stone
19.30 International Evening: Susan Sontag & Robert Stone (USA)

Wednesday, 12 April - “Athens”
11.00 Press Conference: Robert Stone
The Globe Bookstore
12.00 Signing: Robert Stone
The Globe Bookstore
13.00 Conversation: “The Unity of Opposites: Contemporary Greek Prose” Katerina Anghelaki - Rooke, Amanda Michalopoulou,
Demosthenes Kourtovik, Menis Koumandareas, Alexandra Büchler
15.00 Reading: Amanda Michalopoulou, Katerina Anghelaki - Rooke, Demosthenes Kourtovik
17.00 Signing: Greek Authors
The Globe Bookstore
17.00 Signing: Aharon Appelfeld ”Delusion”
Academia, Václavské nám. 34, Praha 1
19.30 International Evening: Menis Koumandareas (Greece),
                                      Aharon Appelfeld (Israel)

Thursday, 13 April - “Prague”
10.00 Signing: Ian McEwan
The Globe Bookstore
11.00 Signing: Czech Authors & Bei Dao
The Globe Bookstore
13.00 Parker Prize Ceremony
“The world in the next millennium or Is there any hope in our future?”
15.00 Reading: Petr Borkovec , Michal Ajvaz , Odillo Stradický
19.30 Reading: Josef Škvorecký (Czech Republic / Canada)
                 Bei Dao (China)

Friday, 14 April - “Toronto – Montréal”
11.00 Signing: Canadian Authors
The Globe Bookstore
13.00 Conversation: “A Tale of Two Cultures”
Margaret Atwood, Gérald Leblanc, Anne Michaels
15.00 Reading: Anne Michaels & Gérald Leblanc
19.30 International Evening: Serge Patrice Thibodeau (Canada)
                                      Margaret Atwood

Saturday, 15 April - “London”
11.00 Signing: John Calder , Ian McEwan , Biyi Bandele
The Globe Bookstore
13.00 Talk: “Murphy’s Law: Beckett in London”
John Calder
15.00 Conversation: “Incidents at the Shrine: The Mythical World of British Literature” John Calder, Ian McEwan, Biyi Bandele
19.30 International Evening: Ian McEwan a Biyi Bandele (Great Britain)